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And Then You Die – LOTRMX out in April 2018

A new album by And Then You Die will see the light of day in April 2018. Songs from the `Lord Of The Flies´ album (2017)  in new adapations by artists such as Graceskull, Drontheim, Captain Heroin,  Kristoffer Oustad, Niko Skorpio, Cloama, OSO and ATYD itself, of course.



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A load of new releases coming up in 2018!

Hoho! There’s a lot of new and interesting goods coming up for 2018. The Festerday/TVE collectable 7″, limited to 100 copies, is now shipping and available. Check the shop for more.


For april 2018 there is:





This is a digital re-release of the CADAVERIC INCUBATOR / YESTERDAY split single. Original 7″ vinyl release by Mono Canibal 2018. Available world wide in april 2018. This is a digital release.

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