Get ready to plunge into the abyss! Finnish industrial pioneer, And Then You Die, released a new EP titled “A Second Thought (The Remixes)” featuring six remixed visions of their earlier body of work. 

1. Spheres (Heretic Mix)
2. Fuck Your Sacrifice (Trauma Mix)
3. Shit That Floats (Further Mix)
4. Postum (Extended Mix)
5. On The Rim (Bone Mix)
6. Right Now (Special Needs Mix)

“A Second Thought (The Remixes)” is now available through all digital music services worldwide. Click here to choose your favorite digi channel!

And Then You Die has been a name synonymous with the darker edges of the Finnish music scene. “A Second Thought (The Remixes)” takes their sonic journey to new depths, providing a fresh, pitch blackperspective on their distinctive sound. And Then You Die’s sonic arsenal drills through the listener’s psyche, featuring a blend of intensely compressed soundscapes, shrieking chaos, and ethereal vocal melodies that craft a cold, uncompromising, and pessimistic atmosphere. Cover artwork for the release is made by Joni Muotka.

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