Black Acid World is a dark electro group from Finland. Musically Black Acid World has nuances deriving from darkwave and drum & bass, blending in darker eerie elements from dark ambient and various genres of electronica with metallic edges in a personal black pop style. The atmosphere is being tweaked from heavy bass elements to soundtrack type of massive ritualistic discharge.

The idea of Black Acid World is to snap out the old ways of creating music. Taking the break into a new beat and lifting it up on a new level and implementing tricks and beats without any boundaries. Lyrical and visual themes vary from disparate aspects of the world of today, may it be in form on dystopia, anarchy, drowning of light or happiness of doom & gloom.

Black Acid World was found 2018 with members from Finnish metal bands Sotajumala, Alghazanth, …And Oceans and Unholy but now they are known by cryptic aliases W.Y.W-77, Lap 10, Fast Beat A, K-Dog Eastja Mz.V. Though the guys have earned their bearings in metal bands, Black Acid World doesn’t respect genre boundaries and is always ready to play an unsuspected ace from the sleeve.

In early 2020 Black Acid World signed to Skithund Records for a trilogy of digi singles. The first part is known as /ʌɪsəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/ and the soundscape could be described as fierce darkwave and drum’n’bass attack. The second part is titled Black Pop and features Finnish highly appreciated rappers TKK & Setä Tamu. Black Pop was released on November 27, 2020.

/ʌɪsəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/ | Digi Single | Skithund Records 2020
Black Pop | Digi Single | Skithund Records  2020 | 10” vinyl TBA

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