“Finland – the happiest country of the world. From the flip side of the coin you’ll find long periods of darkness, harsh climate, economic depression, alcoholism and high suicide rates. Therefore, it’s not much of a surprise Finland have spawn ‘And Then You Die’ – a group that could be described as a collective of artists operating from the shady alleys of Vaasa region, western Finland.”

And Then You Die was formed all the way back in 1990 so you could say they were one of the first electro/industrial drillers in Finland. The sound of the group is extraordinarily cold, dark and pitiless. French webzine Musique Machine described in review that ATYD’s music could be the soundtrack of Marc Caro’s and Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s cult movie Delicatessen if you remove the happy ending. A place where you wouldn’t want to live. The roots of the sound lie in dark music; name dropping artists as Einstürzende Neubaten, Swans, Godflesh and Scorn. Nonetheless, And Then You Die manages to sound fresh and original. The group paints their soundscapes with loops and sequences, rattling heavy bass, guitars, analog synthesizers and sometimes even real drums.

Over the years the And Then You Die has released limited edition VHS singles, vinyl’s and cd’s plus of corpse a wide bunch of digital releases. However, with minimal promotion they have gained a certain cult status and been referred as one the best kept secrets in Finland.

As a tip of the hat to the 30 years of agony, And Then You Die released new album “Electric Uterus” on May 2021. Electric Uterus sounds like unrefined industrial noise, while simultaneously conjuring images of New York’s murky independent scene and even Swedish indie rock. The harsh soundscape drills holes in the listeners’ skull with a mixture of a compressed-to-death soundscape, shrieking bedlam and astral vocal melodies that create a cold, ruthless and pessimistic atmosphere.


A-Tyd ‎| 12” EP | 1992
Geisteskrank | MC | 1993
Maggot ‎| 7″ | 1996
1991 – 1999 | LP | 1999
And Then You Die / Graceskull – Last Wish Of A Dying Man (A Song For Two Pianos) / You Could Be The One ‎| 7” | 2001
Morning Star | Digi Single | 2003
Perkele – NP Revisited ‎| 10″ | 2003
Abuse Park ‎| CD | 2003
Fallout | Digital | 2007
Omaha ‎| Digital | 2007
Havoc Unit / And Then You Die – Havoc Unit / And Then You Die ‎| 7″ | 2007
Fallout Remixed | Digi EP | 2008
Bitch / Divine Star ‎| 10″ Maxi | 2008
Älymystö vs. And Then You Die – 19:38:00 ‎| Digital | 2009
19:38:00 InDub | Digi EP | 2010
Rev666 | Digi Single | 2010
L´Enfer – Them Others | Digi Single | 2011
The Drifter” | Digi Single | 2011
And Then You Die Vs. Drontheim – Dark Passage ‎| Digital | 2012
Dirty Hands | Digital EP | 2012
SORE | Digital EP | 2014
Dirty Sore Hands ‎| CD | 2015
Fade To Grey | Digi Single | 2016
The Tide | Digi Single | 2016
Lord of the Flies | CD | 2017
LOTRMX ‎| Digital | 2018
Electric Uterus | Digital, CD | 2021


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