Koorbash is an industrial/metal/noise possé from Vaasa, Finland. Originally, back in the early 90’s, the group included growling death metal vocalist, three guitarists, two bassists and a sampler. The result was a harsh mixture of different sounds and styles as the group had members from And Then You Die, Cartilage and Numbah Ten. Koorbash recorded debut album “Hird” in 1994, and the soundscape could be described from industrialized Death Metal to mind ripping Noise to minimal techno.

After 17 years of silence Koorbash returned with a new album entitled ‘Virgin Dust’. The 7-piece orchestra had shrunk into a three-piece performance unit. The musical direction of the band evolved into a minimalistic, experimental exploration of audio waves and their capabilities of altering the human mind. This album was concieved around 2003 in Helsinki (we are not exactly sure), and went into production in 2011, and is presently available for your listening pleasure and consumption behaviour. A soundtrack for your darkest fantasies. A journey into a bass infested reality. Not for the weak hearted. All hail Satan!


Hird | Digital | Recorded in 1994, released on 19 Aug, 2022
Virgin Dust | Digital | Recorded in 2003, released in 2011

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