BPEP89 Brian´s Pipe “Violinfags” 2×7″ vinyl ©1989

SHR001 Brian´s Pipe “What´s that you got in yer pipe?” 7″ vinyl ©1991

SHR002 a-tyd (And Then You Die) “a-tyd” 12″ vinyl ©1992

SHR003 Jåhnizz Lindwall & Friends “Coloured Stones from a River” MC ©1993

SHR004 Koorbash “Hird” CD ©1994 Digital re-release TBA 2020

SHR005 Bohemian Drunkness “Helt I Gääsin” CD ©1995

SHR006 And Then You die “Maggot” 7″ blue vinyl ©1996



SHR009 And Then You Die / Graceskull – Last Wish of a Dying Man / You Could Be The One  split single transparent 7″ vinyl ©2001





SHR014 And Then You Die “Morning Star” Digital Single ©2003






SHR020And Then You Die “Bitch / Divine Star” 10″ purple vinyl single @2008

SHR021 And Then You Die / Älymystö “19:38:00” Digital EP ©2009 (Org. Onyx-KINLP001, joint release with Onyxia/Kinkt)

SHR022 And Then You Die “Fallout” Digital Album ©2007

SHR023 And Then You Die “19:38:00 InDub” Digital EP ©2010 (alt. cat. nbr. SHR022B) 2010

SHR024 And The You Die “Rev666” Digital Single ©2010

SHR025 And The You Die “Fallout Remixed” Digital Ep ©2008

SHR026 And Then You Die “XXChronologie” Digital compilation album / cancelled

SHR027 And Then You Die “L´Enfer – Them Others” Digital Single ©2011

SHR028 Koorbash “Virgin Dust” Digital Album ©2011

SHR029 Kuningas Pähkinä “Musaa – Kadonneet Kovalevyt II” Digital Album ©2011

SHR030 cancelled

SHR031 cancelled

SHR032 And Then You Die “The Drifter” Digital Single ©2011

SHR033 CE “Four” Digital Single ©2012

SHR034 WHMRCHT “Death From Above” Digital EP @2012

SHR035 CE “Dope`a´thon” Digital Single ©2012

SHR036 And Then You Die  “Dirty Hands” Digital EP 2012

SHR037 Captain Heroin – “Drama” Digital EP 2013

SHR038 And Then You Die – “SORE” Digital EP 2014

SHR039 CaptainHeroin “Inhuman” Digital Album 2014

SHR040 Oppsprätta Schakaler “Vårt Land” Digisingle ©1992/2014

SHR041 And Then You Die “Dirty Sore Hands” CD Album @2014

SHR042 And Then You Die “Fade To Grey” Digital Single ©2016

SHR043 cancelled

SHR044 And Then You Die “The Tide” Digital Single ©2016

SHR045 And Then You Die “Lord Of The Flies” Digital Album / CD ©2017

SHR046 Total Vomit Experience / Festerday “Split” Digital EP / 7″ vinyl EP @2017

SHR047 Cadaveric Incubator / Festerday “Split” Digital single ©2018 (original 7″released by Mono Cannibale)

SHR048 And Then You Die “LOTRMX” Digital Album @2018

SHR049 OSO “Precursory Contact” Digital Album ©2018

SHR050 OSO “Artificial Rituals” Digital Album ©2018 (CD version by Way Beyondo Records ©2018)

SHR051 Lords Of Chernobyl “Satan’s Gasoline” Digital Single @2018

SHR052 And Then You Die “Electric Uterus” release TBA 2020

SHR053 Elektrus Erektus “Lähiö 4-track” Digital Album ©2019

SHR054 V/A  “A Night Ride” Digital Compilation Album @2020

SHR055 And The You Die feat. Elektrus Erektus “Irma, mä olen leiponut pullaa!” Digital Single @2019

SHR056 Lords Of Chernobyl “Won’t Make You Wise” Digital Single @2020

SHR057 Lords Of Chernobyl “Ankdammin” Digital Single ©2020

SHR058 Lords Of Chernobyl “Carousel Of Decibel” Digital Album ©2020

SHR059 CE & Elektrus Erektus “Alkoi Heinäkuu / Tervetuloa Helvettiin” Digital Single @2020 (release July 3rd)

SHR060 Black Acid World – “/ʌɪsəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/” Digital Single ©2020

SHR061 Black Acid World – TBA

SHR062 Black Acid World – TBA

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