CE (a.k.a Chinese Eyes)

CE is a Finnish duo that got country & western all wrong. The band was founded in 2011 and occasionally they perform psychedelic soundscapes with stand-in artists and personalities. Over the years they have worked with Pete Bingham (Sendelica, The Lost Stoned Pandas), Craig High (ex-Psychedelic Warlords), Alan Davey (Gunslinger, Hawkestrel, ex-Hawkwind), Janne Westerlund (Circle, Pharaoh Overlord, Plain Ride, Sweetheart, Chainsmoker) and Elektrus Erektus.

After years of absence CE returned in 2020 with a smoking hot digi single ”Alkoi heinäkuu – Tervetuloa helvettiin”. This time they’re teamed up with notorious pig-headed Finnish artist Elektrus Erektus. “Alkoi heinäkuu” is harsh ‘n fat piece of stoner rock with a melted groove – a perfect soundscape for the steaming hot days of summer. The second track is titled ”Tervetuloa helvettiin” and it paints a view for the deathblow of our modern civilization and sounds like weird Finnish garageish-spaghetti-western type soundtrack which is best served on our way to the doomsday. 

In 2012 CE gathered at The Great Abyss to record two singles “Four” and “Dope’a’thon”. The result sounds like they had a jam at the birth of the universe in a pulsating celestial ovum. Reportedly CE lost their donkey during the recording session – so if you happen to see a donkey with a pentagram painted on it, let us know immediately, because a band without a donkey is not a real band.


Four | Digi single | 2012
Dope’a’thon | Digi single | 2012
Alkoi heinäkuu – Tervetuloa helvettiin (w/ Elektrus Erektus)

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