Attention all misfits and outcasts out there!

Finlands punk rock driven stoner metal crew Lords of Chernobyl returned with anticipated new album VENI VIDI WTF.

Lords of Chernobyl hits the guts with heavy rhythm punk rock riffs – topped with crispy vox and a blend of groovy stoner metal. The album contains the groups lately released singles ‘Nosedive’ and ‘Loser’. VENI VIDI WTF is now available from all digital platforms everywhere – click here to choose your favourite streaming service! Plus keep your eye on a limited edition of CDs!

VENI VIDI WTF tracklist:

Cut the Strain
Don’t You Get It
You Can Never Tell
Angst and Death
Release date: March 17, 2023
Lords of Chernobyl is

Kenneth Norrlin (vocals), David Granfors (guitar), Torbjörn Strand (bass) and André Fiskars (drums). Lords of Chernobyl was formed in 2012, and so far, they have released three EPs, a bunch of singles, debut album Carousel of Decibel plus a fistful of music videos.

Live Shows

In spring 2023 Lords of Chernobyl are Celebrating their 10 years anniversary by doing a handful of live shows – make sure to follow them at See the dates, locations and maps on our events pages.

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