NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Ovi, 7Digital, Radio Rock,, MTV3 etc, etc…, although Spotify managed to really fuck everything up by listing this splendid single under the folk band Cé. Now, to be clear, it is not Cé, it is CE… for fucks sake. Well done, Spotify. Well done. You might hear the difference anyway. At least Deezer, iTunes and all others got it right

Here’s the correct Spotify link: CE – Four

Skithund Records
 proudly presents the debut single ‘Four’ by CE, the newest name in the Skithund artist roster. This is the country & western band that got it all wrong. Official release date is April 1st 2012 on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all those billions of other service providers.. Single distributed by Kinkt /Playground, as usual. We’ve got CE and we’re gonna use it…

Also remember the single Dope’A’Thon. CE (Chinese Eyes) are currently working on a long play album with various other musicians. Check out the first preview, Locust, done in conjunction with with DR LOCUST and Pete Bingham from Sendelica. Link to video here.

Notice! The band lost their donkey during the recording session. If you by any chance see a donkey with a pentagram painted on it, let us know immediately. A band without their donkey is not a real band.

cat. no SHR033 CE – Four & SHR035 CE – Dope’A’Thon





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