You have Dirty Hands.



It is once again time to take a walk on the endless tundra of disappointment. A new lo-fi journey into the underground will be served by And Then You Die. The album ‘Dirty Hands’ is scheduled for release November 28th 2012. Thus you will have a few days to enjoy the album until the end of the world scheduled in December. Digital download on iTunes, Amazon, et cetera — also available on Spotify.


Additionally; for those who have survived the destruction of the world, a 12″ vinyl will be available in an ultra-rare-limited-special-edition in the beginning of 2013. (This one is of course out of date…)


Meanwhile entertain yourself with a preview from the album, available on SoundCloud. This might give you a clue about the album, or then maybe not. Always remember–life can be misleading. Visit for more downloads and news, et cetera. Most of the stuff you can find about the band is there and nowhere else. SHR036 And Then You Die – Dirty Hands










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