A special delivery for all you hiphop and rap enthusiasts. KUNINGAS PÄHKINÄ & KILARI AUDIO : MUSAA (Kadonneet kovalevyt osa II). A splendid 7 track album AVAILABLE NOW at iTunesAmazon and all other stores worldwide (for Finnish customers check out: MTV3NetAnttila, Meteli, etc).


Track listing: 1/Metsien Gentlemanni 2/Lännest 3/Musaa 4/Kuume 5/Keski-Suomi Tissi Booty (remix) 6/Landespede 7/Ykä Leino. Available on Spotify & Rhapsody. SHR029 Kuningas Pähkinä & Kilari Audio : Musaa






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And Then You Die -LOTRMX

Songs from the `Lord Of The Flies´ album (2017) in new adapations by artists such as Graceskull, Drontheim, Captain Heroin, Kristoffer Oustad, Niko Skorpio, Cloama, OSO and ATYD itself, of course.
7,00 € (tax incl.)
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by Skithund Records
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