Skithund Records is releasing ‘LÄHIÖ 4-TRACK’ by Elektrus Erektus on June 6th 2019. A suburban tale in 9 acts, brought to you by the king of suburban sleazedsico. Download and streaming available worldwide at your service provider of choice. Distributed by Playground Music. Cat.nbr. SHR053 2019. Sleeve art by Robert Kosenius.


See more: elektruserektus@blogspot  more info in Finnish below sleeve picture.



Elektrus Erektus: Lähiö 4-Track digijulkaisuun 6.6.2019


Kelvollista lofi-kutuelektroa ja lähiödiscoa varttuneemmille ihmisille, joiden mielestä 35-vuotias on vielä ihan nuori. (Mika Roth /

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Oppsprätta Schakaler on Skithund Records


Skithund Records is finally releasing the Oppsprätta Schakaler single ‘Vårt Land / Lulleba’ in March 2014. The songs were originally recorded in 1992. For financial reasons, this was never to be. The song ‘Vårt Land’ was available for download on the Skithund Records site during the late nineties.


Now, 22 years later, we thought that the times would be right for an official release of the cult classic. First out will be a digital release of the single. Then…. maybe…

Watch the nineties videoclip from the public service broadcast , ‘ARBETETS HJÄLTAR. 16,9 PROSENTTIA.’ (1993), here.

A final release schedule for Spring 2014 releases will be published by the end of February. Check in for full list!


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