The STORE is being updated with new products


The Skithund Store is currently being updated with new items, also including releases by other labels and second hand products. Be sure to check regularly for new products and updates. Meanwhile you can enjoy the Captain Heroin remix for And Then You Die – The Box, taken from the album LOTRMX. Available world wide at any provider of your own choice.





Also, we have some new releases and signings coming up during this spring. Sign up to the Skithund Newsletter for news and release info – delivered straight to your own mailbox.  There will be no spam, nor will you be flooded with any news.




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Selected releases

And Then You Die - Bitch / Divine Star 10"

by Skithund Records

WHMRCHT - Death From Above

by Skithund Records

The Skithund Records catalogue is distributed world wide by Playground Music Finland. Click on logo to pay them a visit.