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We wish you a very special year 2014. The new year will bring some new horizons to Skithund Records. First of all, the new CAPTAIN HEROIN – INHUMAN album will be delayed until end of JAN -> FEB due to the manufacturing process. The digital release of the album will be synchronised with a VINYL release of the album. That is the reason for the delay. Skithund Records is also returning to the old-school record label function and will try to release as many vinyls as possible during the next year.

 -Skithund Staff-


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Skithund Records Fall 2013 scheduled releases

It is our favourite time of the year, the time when the world turns into a b/w photo. As we are about to enter this dark and foreboding period, we will have some new goodies for the road. Planned releases for Fall 2013 are:

Cpt Heroin - Inhuman


Captain Heroin – Drama Originally released in 2006 by Onyxia, now re-released digitally by Skithund Records 2013. Should be available across all download stores during September. Catalogue number SHR037.

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