Finnish industrial pioneer, And Then You Die, continues its digital transformation by re-releasing the long-sold-out ‘Geisteskrank’ EP on digital platforms.


  1. Last
  2. False
  3. Title
  4. Happy
  5. Organ
  6. Krank

Originally launched as a cassette in 1993, ‘Geisteskrank’ delivers dark and experimental industrial music. Its intense sonic landscape immerses listeners into the murky mental terrains from the early 90s.

Freshly remastered ‘Geisteskrank’ is now released on all digital platforms, marking approximately 31 years since its initial sold-out cassette release. Industrial music enthusiasts can anticipate the revival of this time-aged art through this peculiar release.

Click here to choose your preferred digital platform and dive into ‘Geisteskrank’!

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