We are thrilled to announce collaboration with the mastermind of Finnish spacerock-metal band Tuliterä.

Vesa was the force behind Finnish spacerock-metal band Tuliterä. When COVID-19 closed the society, Vesa left the band life behind and wanted to focus on creating a minimal studio live expression with various instruments and hardware instead of using software and wall-of-sound structures.

The idea of ​an album series based on ambient sound was born during numerous live jams at his studio. This can be seen as the starting point for the journey as a solo artist, whose soundscape includes not only ambient, minimalistic electronica and chillout, but also atmospheric post-rock tones. Vesa’s musical influences for his solo career could be described as Devin Townsend, Sigur Rós, Aphex Twin and Tangerine Dream.

Vesa has released three albums for Ambientwerk series on Bandcamp during 2020–2022, and more will come. The soundscapes of the Ambientwerk series are painted by floating synthesizers, minimal beats and clinically cold melodies. Also, you will hear in the atmosphere of Ambientwerks a nod to the masters of so-called Berlin School sound.

As the first step of the collaboration, we will release new album by Vesa later this year. Stay tuned for more news!

In the meanwhile, check out his Ambientwerks at vesapartti.bandcamp.com/music

 Picture by Henri Koivula.

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