The new digisingle /ʌɪsəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/ by Finnish darkwave/drum’n’bass group Black Acid World is now available from all digistores and streaming services. Worldwide distribution by Playground Music Finland.


Anarchy | The Air Between Us | Dystopia

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Musically Black Acid World has nuances deriving from darkwave and drum & bass, blending in darker eerie elements from dark ambient and various genres of electronica with metallic edges in a personal black pop style. Lyrical and visual themes vary from disparate aspects of the world of today, may it be in form on dystopia, anarchy, drowning of light or happiness of doom & gloom.

The idea of Black Acid World is to snap out the old ways of creating music. Taking the break into a new beat and lifting it up on a new level and implementing tricks and beats without any boundaries. Like what The Prodigy did to dance music and rave scene in the early 1990s, but Black Acid World takes it a step further into the eerie aspects of audial life.

Black Acid World was formed in 2018 by extreme metalheads Tomi Otsala and Pete Lapio (Sotajumala) and Antti Simonen (…and Oceans, ex-Alghazanth). The line-up took its final form in 2020 when Kim ‘Kena’ Strömsholm (.A.C.I.D., The Mist from the Mountains, ex-…and Oceans) joined the ranks. These guys have achieved prominence in the early metal scene due to their past, but this time they are cooking something peculiar.

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