New release date January 2013!

CAPTAIN HEROIN IS BACK! STRANGER THAN EVER! Just as the ‘Drama EP’ has landed, a spanking new album is about to see the daylight… The new 9-track album is titled ‘Inhuman’. Track listing is following:

1. Background People / 2. Dogchase / 3. Halt / 4. Haunted / 5. Magellan / 6. Naggers Correlation / 7. Penetration / 8. Sin Ray / 9. Theme from Too Far

INHUMAN (Cat.No. SHR039) will be available January 2014. This album will re-define finnish electronics.

Fredrik Willberg

Captain Heroin. Inhuman 2013 (Dragsfjärd, Finland) 

I am an artist who works in a variety of media, concentrating on sound and music. By emphasising aesthetics in synthesizers, and the process of diving deep in to the inner worlds of synthesis, I try to create unprecedented situations in which the listener is confronted with temporary and unexpected soundscapes, that do not follow the given grounds of a musical experience. And the same time giving a hint in the direction of my own strong influences. 

I like my pieces to radiate a cold and latent violence. As it is present in our surroundings. I Like to emphasize a feeling of desolation in the tracks, as i do not like to call them songs, as they do not follow any given course of composition and therefore, are driven by themselves.

The drama unfolds elsewhere and does not need to be a part of a narrative thread, or a given structure. Moments evocative of atmosphere and suspense are the part of my drama. While the build-up of tension is frozen, the memory of an event that will never take place is left alone, uncommented.

By putting the viewer on the wrong track, i try to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way, to involve the listener in a way that is cinematic and conceptual at the same time, and at times, beauty emerges, as beauty still has a meaning. 

Space becomes time and language becomes image.

Fredrik Willberg currently lives and works in Dragsfjärd.



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