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  • OSO – Artificial Rituals
      OSO – Artificial Rituals EP. Digital download & streaming. 4 track EP. Digital version published by Skithund Records
  • And Then You Die – Them Others
      Four track single from And Then You Die.
    Elektrus Erektus is a middle-aged dad, out of whom hatches an ill-advised lizard king of suburban discos in the darkest hours of the night.
  • And Then You Die – Abuse Park
    compiling the single and video releases between the years 1992-2001.
  • TKK – Metsä Palaa EP
      This was actually the first ever digital release by Skithund Records.
  • OSO – Artificial Rituals CD
    OSO – Artificial Rituals CD EP. 4 track EP. Digital version published by Skithund Records and is available world wide at any preferred service. CD/MC published …
  • And Then You Die – Electric Uterus
    And Then You Die drills holes in the listeners’ skull with a mixture of a compressed-to-death soundscape, shrieking bedlam and astral vocal melodies that create …
  • Carlos Blanco – EP
    Don Carlosin EP:llä fiittaa melkoinen määrä possea, kuten Kakezi UsuM, Aine, Hurtta, Kekkonen, Iivo, Eepi Boloks ja Ill Kirill. Lopputuloksena kuullaan diippiä lähiöräppiä, jossa paksu …
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