Electric Uterus available now on Compact Disc

At Skithund HQ, the world of Electric Uterus sounds like unrefined industrial noise, while simultaneously conjuring images of New York’s murky independent scene and even Swedish indie rock. And Then You Die drills holes in the listeners’ skull with a mixture of a compressed-to-death soundscape, shrieking bedlam and astral vocal melodies that create a cold, ruthless and pessimistic atmosphere.

And Then You Die has been slow-burning in the underground since 1990. The uncompromising soundscape and minimalist promotion have given the artist collective a certain cult popularity, as the group has been described as one of Finland’s best-kept secrets.

And Then You Die – Electric Uterus:

Todesmarsch | Fuck Your Sacrifice | Postum | On the Rim | Shit That Floats | Right Now | Stairway to Disappointment

By purchasing the CD from andthenyoudie.bandcamp.com, all proceedings from sales goes directly to artist without middlemen. The CD is a limited release and comes in a 3-part gatefold digipak sleeve.

CD PRICE: 10€ (taxes may apply + P&P) Free digital download of album included with bandcamp CD purchase.

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