The long lost Koorbash debut EP titled ‘Hird’ is out now! Koorbash features members of 90’s Finnish death metal heads Cartilage, industrial unit And Then You Die, grunge band Numbah Ten and punk rockers Oppsprätta Schakaler.

Koorbash – an industrial/metal/noise oddball from Vaasa, Finland  – which in the early 90s consisted members of the death metal band Cartilage, the industrial-posse ATYD (And Then You Die), punk rockers Oppsprätta Schakaler and grunge band Numbah Ten.

Koorbash recorded their debut EP Hird in 1994, but the master tape mysteriously disappeared in the production company’s premises and was found 10 years later in an abandoned barnyard. Now finally – after 28 years – we were able to save this gem in our catalog and the EP is now available from all digital and streaming services.

Koorbash’s sound was beated with three guitars, two basses and a sampler – and the result could be described as industrialized death metal with shades of dark techno and harsh noise. In time, the band became known for special concert venues, which included e.g. Vaasa water tower and a strip club.

Koorbash – Hird

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Hard Filled Body
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