Here’s a few reviews for And Then You Die ‘Sore’ and Captain Heroin ‘Inhuman’ albums. Also remember to lend an ear to Astral Visions internet radio show. Listen to the show HERE.

DJ Astro from the Psychotropic Zone on And Then You Die – SORE

And Then You Die is a mysterious, dark industrial/ Gothic/ electronic/ shoegazer/ etc. project from Finland. They jam in Vasa a few times a year and then produce these stoned, hypnotic and droney improvisations into psychedelic, distorted, gloomy, desolate, post-apocalyptic soundscapes that can almost be called songs. It seems that lately they have mainly released stuff in digital download format, but there are also something out on CD and vinyl. Sore is their latest offering and features seven powerful tracks.

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The song ‘Blank Note’ (SORE) is also featured on the Astral Visions internet radio show #53, July 13th  2014. Listen to the show HERE.



Captain Heroin – Inhuman

“This is for open-minded listeners; and I recommend this record for people who are really into electronic music, if you like the stuff from Minimal Wave Records you will enjoy to this album created by Captain Heroin. This is really Avant Garde Stuff, and it’s quite interesting and you will find something different (and really good!) here.”

Daniel Olvera – This is Gothic Rock

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And Then You Die – SORE @

Mr Guillaume Renard of This is Gothic Rock states following:

“Sore is not an easy album, it offers no catchy tracks, but it slowly spreads its venom, until you find yourself carved like a snake in its pit, lethargic and hypnotized. It will bring you to scary and depressive places, industrial wastelands and post-apocalyptical landscapes.”

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