New Releases by Captain Heroin & And Then You Die available May 1st 2014





An 8 track escapade into krautrock electronics in nordic style. This is the second full length release by Captain Heroin (also check ‘Drama‘). Including the following tracks:

1. Background People 03:06 / 2. Dogchase 03:13 / 3. Halt 04:53 / 4. Haunted 02:04 / 5. Magellan 03:54 / 6.  Naggers Correlation 08:38 / 7. Penetration 02:54 / 8. Sin Ray 02:38


New album releases by Captain Heroin & And Then You Die sees the daylight 0n May 1st WorldWide. The albums are downloadable from all major and minor services as well.  Also available as stream. Be different and get your copies today! Click on sleeve or title for buy links.









A spankin new effort from And Then You Die (we’ve already lost count on their releases!). As we listened through the record, we hardly found any songs suitable for radio play. As we wondered why we got ourselves a difficult and impalpable album to distribute, the answer to our inquiries was “mind your own business and f#%k off”. Anyway, the tracks are following:

1. Für Immer 04:21 / 2. Blank Note 04:49 / 3. Far Gone 04:15 / 4. 22:24 03:32 / 5. As Bright As a Falling Star 07:26 / 6. One Two 05:00 / 7. Jesus does not love you 05:44




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