Havoc Unit - h.IV+ [Hoarse Industrial Viremia]

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مبيد الدّيدان 5:16
I.esus – The Liturgy Of Inhumanity 3:46
When Children Are No Longer Enough – C.oitus O.rgasm C.atholic K.ids 6:13
Generation Genocide – Humanitarian Vivisection 3:43
Viremia – Regime HIV+ 5:56
Kyrie Eleison – Totalitarian Libertarianism 4:25
Nihil – Operation Blitzkrieg 2:14
Man Vs. Flesh – Structured Suicide 3:42
Ignoratio Elenchi – Reversed Genesis 3:55
Kill All Nations – The Manual Of Terrorism 5:33
Kristallnacht – From Revolution To Reconstruction 1:36
Klan Korps – Volkssturm & Erregung 3:27
Rape Scene Act I – The Fine Art Of Quality Time 3:56


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