Synæsthesia – The Requiem Reveries


We are re-releasing ‘Synæsthesia – The Requiem Reveries’ with …and Oceans, Havoc Unit & The Sin Decay. This album depicts the transformation from …and Oceans into Havoc Unit + a side project. Originally released in the US by Vendlus Records March 24th 2007. The original compact disc also featured two videos (not included in the re-release). Released in digital format worldwide. Stay tuned for release dates.


Track listing: Havoc Unit / 1. With Discipline Upon Mankind 5:15 2. Regime Equinox (No Xivic Remix) 6:54 3. Mvsn (ATYD Remix) 4:18 …and Oceans / 4. Yerushalayim Érez HaQodeš 4:32 5. Tophet (Niko Skorpio Remix) 7:15 6. Ha-Shoah (ATYD Remix) 5:12 The Sin Decay / 7. We are all slaves 3:37 8. Celestial Revulsion 3:41 9. C7618k76 4:42










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